Always updated

Application always up-to-date, with updated contents and new features.

spawn system

Items sorted by category and related items. Spawn as much items as you want with a simple click.

Multi-Teleport system

You can teleport a single player or multiple players simultaneously, with a simple click.


You can teleport fast to most SCUM places of interest. Locations sorted by colors and category.

players list

Manage your players list, you can add the username and steamID for best accuracy.
You can import all your players easly, simply by copy and paste your G-Portal login logs.


You can add or remove fame points, convert money to fame points or viceversa. You can also set currency exchange.

SCUM Admin Helper (Beta)


Probably you has moved the .exe file to another location.
Keep the exe in a unique location and run, remember, not rename the original name because this may be cause issues.
Rename the file with “SCUM Admin Helper.exe” or download again from this page.

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